Thursday, February 11, 2010

Articles about XP and Win7

Several months ago, I was struggling with my computer, what’s wrong? It runs very slowly even to open the popup menus from start button. It was very annoying because my job always needs a computer to do. I can’t open the office program neither graphics programs nor connect to the internet. I was trying to solve the problems by myself; I was trying to scan my computer with some antivirus but it’s not solved my problem

And then, my friend suggested me to reinstall my windows but how? I asked him how, but he answered me “I don’t know how, I’m sorry”, and then I borrowed his computer to surf to the internet. Finally, I found the article about how to reinstall the Windows XP here. I found very useful tutorial to reinstall my windows XP, and then I followed the tutorial step by step and, tadaaaa…. My windows XP back to normal again, and after I installed some software to do my job, I can use my computer again.

My friend was so exciting when he saw me with big grin after getting my computer works again. He asked me, how can you do that? And I tell him about the article I read. And then he said “Hey… I need some articles also, but it’s not about XP, it’s about windows 7 performance, can you find the article for me? Without any words to say, I type Windows 7 in the search bar on my browser, and tadaaaa….. I found the article, but its different address from the first one; this is about Performance of Windows 7 and notebook. I told him that I already find the article, and then he read it, and was so happy.